Studio Rejane Dal Bello

Royaume Uni & Brésil

Rejane Dal Bello est membre du jury du 30e concours international d'affiches de Chaumont (2023)

FR / Studio de conception graphique fondĂ© par Rejane Dal Bello, basĂ© sur la crĂ©ation d'identitĂ©s visuelles fortes, sensĂ©es, engagĂ©es et durables. 

Rejane Dal Bello est membre de l'AGI* depuis 2022.

EN / Graphic design studio founded by Rejane Dal Bello based on creating striking, meaningful, engaging and lasting branding.

Rejane Dal Bello is member of AGI since 2022.
One of her posters was selected in 2021 for the international poster competition of Chaumont. In 2023, she becomes a jury member of the competition. 

*Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) is a club of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers. There are 527 members from 43 countries. Its members have been collectively responsible for the identity design of most of the world’s top corporations and institutions as well as for countless examples of globally known packaging, publications, illustration and posters.