Concours Ă©tudiant - Biennale

27.05.23 AU

EntrepĂŽt Tisza Textile

À partir du 1er juin, les visites des expositions est uniquement sur ces rendez-vous :

Visites gratuites les dimanches :

4 juin, 11 juin, 18 juin, 25 juin, 

2 juillet, 9 juillet et 16 juillet 

À 16h30

Rendez-vous pour le dĂ©part au Signe 

Inviting students to provide a graphic response to the question Who are you?, this 26th edition gave rise to singular and intimate creations anchored in a post-pandemic era with the emergence of strong social issues. 

Finally, it is a collective dimension that takes shape through these responses to a question that sound very personal at first sight. Visitors are invited to discover a range of creations in a variety of techniques, showing the cry of a new committed and militant generation which does not turn its gaze away from the current ills and social issues that are ours.