• exhibition
  • Jean-François Rey

  • Typographie et Bandes dessinées

  • from 11.07.2020
  • to 04.10.2020
  • curator
  • Jean-Noël Lafargue
  • Le Signe
  • Free of charge
  • auditive handicap
  • handicap moteur
  • handicap psychique
  • handicap visuel
  • langage des signes
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In France, the Ministery of Culture has dedicated the year 2020 to the art of the comics. This year, le Signe thus continues its investigations into the relationships between text and image, through the exploration of typography in this unique media.

The exhibition “Jean-François Rey — Type design and Comics” deals with the inherent questions of contemporary type design in the field of cartoon art. Jean-François Rey, co-founder of Incandescence, is one of the unfairly neglected actors of typefaces and adaptations applied to comics.

During his career, his various collaborations led him to meet Charles Burns, Robert Crumb, Mark Bell, on behalf of the editions Cornelius, Marjane Satrapi, David B., Dupuy & Berbérian for Association publishings, as well as Marion Montaigne for her recent best-seller “Dans la combi de Thomas Pesquet”.

The exhibition will also be an opportunity to show the development of digital tools used in typeface design.

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