• exhibition
  • Biennale 2021

Vue de l'exposition Viral
Vue de l'exposition Viral
Corona Virus 5G Map par Dylan Louis Monroe
Posters for the homeless
Posters for the homeless
Posters for the homeless
Posters for the homeless
  • from 27.05.2021
  • to 21.11.2021
  • curator
  • Jean-Michel Géridan
  • Le Signe
  • Free of charge
  • handicap moteur
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Viral is about visual didactics, it addresses how graphic design tools can act to reveal states of being. By virality, the spreading, fake news that is disseminated by various means also come to mind: rhetorical means in the first place but also by using patterns that are either biased or open to interpretation. 

One of the major challenges of the title exhibition of the Biennale is to provide the keys to the understanding of information in order to grasp it and assess its pertinence, its veracity. By virality, the alternative dissemination channels are addressed, yet also the way graphic designers and citizens convey situations (espionage, mass surveillance) or signs and 

means of action that have arisen from intolerable situations. As suggested by the title, these investigations are pursued on new technologies, alternative channels of dissemination, and the new territories in graphic design.

With Peter Bankov Vincent Connare Karim Douieb Holly Herndon Alexandre Laumonier Dylan Louie Monroe Floriane Misslin Karl Nawrot