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EuroFabrique Design Camp
From 05.02 to 10.02.2024
At Le Signe, centre national du graphisme, Chaumont, France

Susanne Schroder
+33 325 357 916
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EuroFabrique Design Camp : A Gathering of Graphic Design Creation in Chaumont

From February 5th to 10th, 2024, Chaumont welcomes the  EuroFabrique Design Camp and its international graphic design students for a whole week of immersive workshops exploring identities, both common and European to the individual.

In February 2022, a first edition of EuroFabrique unfolded at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, creating a dynamic that led the National Association of Higher Schools of Art (ANdEA) to expand and transform the project into a long-term initiative.

A consortium of four members and their associates, representing a diversity of organizations mobilized on the trajectories of emerging artists and designers, decided to join forces at European level to shape together the futures of EuroFabrique while consolidating an inclusive cross-border network. With the support of the Europe Creative program, they are developing over 16 months 3 EuroFabrique Camps, collaborative capsules designed to test new prototypes and work on the actors, structure, forms and contents of EuroFabrique. While continuing to activate the same collaborative method and actively engaging European creative youth, these camps not only facilitate the students’ international mobility but also enhance their creative and critical skills and resilience capacities.

The first EuroFabrique Think Camp took place in Cluj, Romania in order to work collectively to redefine EuroFabrique concept, explore its possible formats and discussed methods for transmission, while 170 students and professors from 19 art schools from 9 european countries were experiencing the second edition of EuroFabrique.

The upcoming Chaumont Design Camp, taking place at le Signe, centre national du graphisme from 5 to 9 February, will bring together 42 graphic design students and teachers from 10 art schools across 7 countries.  They  take on the challenge of compounding together a graphic tool box that the hosts of future EuroFabrique can draw on in order to create their own identity embedded in a common EuroFabrique identity.

A comprehensive program of lectures, presentations, meetings with internationally renowned studios as well as local organizations will accompany the design students in their explorations and creations.

Elodie Boyer, editor and manager of a “small brand factory” is accompanying the participants all along the week. 

Erik de Vlaam of Studio Dumbar/Dept ® will deliver an inspiring lecture on the potentials of dynamic identities and the creative processes behind them.

Encounters with actors of the local cultural scene and a DJ set by DJ Païkan and his electronic retro-futurist music will culminate the week on Friday 9 February.

As of 9 February, a stage dedicated to EuroFabrique will introduce the work in progress at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris: the output of the students’ work and the basic set of the design toolbox.  Ahead of the European elections, the Gaîté Lyrique is dedicating their 2024 opening season to Europe with a special programme entitled EU.TOPIA.


EuroFabrique is an itinerating and international project initiated by the RMN-Grand Palais -  l’École des Arts Décoratifs Paris et l’ANdÉA – Association nationale des écoles supérieures d’art et design  - during the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. During four days, in February 2022, the Grand Palais éphémère hosted 400 students from 35 art schools in higher education in Europe for a whole week of collective workshops on tomorrow’s Europe. With the ambition of becoming a framework that can be used by all the networks of art schools of European countries, a second edition - that was just as stimulating, took place in Cluj-Napoca, in Romania, from 5 to 10 December, bringing together 170 students and teachers from 19 art schools and 8 European countries around 4 collaborative projects that explored the theme of the “ The Rapt of Europe”. 

EuroFabrique Camps

EuroFabriqueCamps is a collaborative project aimed at formalising the transformation of EuroFabrique into an adaptable framework for any network of European art schools, wherever they may be located on the continent. The project is led by ANdÉA, the French national association of higher schools of art and design in partnership with the Cerveira Art Biennial in Portugal, the Cluster of Creative Industries in Transylvania at Cluj-Napoca, and Le Signe, National Center for Graphic Design in Chaumont with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

About Le Signe, centre national du Graphisme

Le Signe, centre national du graphisme is a unique contemporary art centre dedicated to graphic design.  Drawing on a rich collection of illustrated posters from the Belle Epoque period and a collection of more than 40 000 contemporary  posters, that both belong to the town of Chaumont, le Signe is driven by the objectives of supporting creation and the aesthetic and social  relevance of contemporary art on different scales whilst reaching out to a broad range of  audiences.

The activities of creation and dissemination all provide space for dialogue about what  our relationship to contemporary forms is based on. Solo or group exhibitions, R&D, screening series, performances, meetings, audience accompaniment schemes, are all examples of how le Signe constantly seeks innovative models for exhibition programs, dissemination and education.

La Gaîté Lyrique | Eu.topia (gaite-lyrique.net)

Studio Dumbar - Home

Élodie Boyer Conseil — Fabrique de marques | Accueil (elodieboyer.com)

glitch shop (glitch-shop.com)

Public agenda

Open EuroFabrique events for all audiences

Tuesday 6 February

  • 18PM

    “The Square” (2017) at the Cinema “A l’Affiche”
    Entrance fee 6.50€

Friday 9 February 

Le Signe, centre national du graphisme, Chaumont

  • 10PM – 12 PM

    Public presentations of the workshop renderings

  • 8PM – 11:30PM

    Party with Païkan
    Free of charge

Saturday 10 February

La Gaïté Lyrique, Paris

  • 16:30PM – 20PM

    Public presentations of the workshop renderings

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