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Biennale internationale de design graphique

The Biennale internationale de design graphique is a continuation of the world famous Chaumont Poster Festival, founded in 1990. This festival brought together generations of graphic designers and helped lay the foundations of the first permanent venue for graphic design in France, Le Signe, centre national du graphisme.

Becoming a Biennial in 2017 and organized by Signe, this unmissable transdisciplinary event has brought together artists and graphic designers around the world for more than 30 years. It celebrates graphic design for six months and allows all its actors to get together, share around the practice and its news, and consider its issues through the many events throughout the city of Chaumont.

Today, the Biennale is a reknown event for graphic design in the world, and it places Chaumont, city of graphic design, in an ecosystem of major artistic and professional events held in New York, Shanghai, Glasgow, Breda and Lucerne.

This artistic event, both popular and professional, the Biennale welcomes the curious and amateurs and brings them together around dozens of exhibitions and contemporary graphic design events.

Their authors entrust their productions to future generations, in particular through the International Poster Competition, which each edition contributes to the large collection of posters in the city of Chaumont.

Union européenne (L.E.A.D.E.R. — Pays de Chaumont)